Product Editing

Store Products Page

To edit products click on the ‘Store Admin’ button up top. You should end up on the ‘Store Products’ page with the active products displayed.

If you need to filter the products shown you can do so via the filter button. It is in the top right of the page and looks like 3 bars in the shape of a triangle. You can filter the products by the category or manufacturer.

Filtering Products

Products can be selected by clicking the black box to the left of the product. Multiple products can be selected at once. In fact, with the black box at the top to the left of the ‘Preview’ label you can select all the products on the page or all active products in the whole store.

Bulk Actions

Once one or more products are selected a blue bar appears at the top of the list that says how many products are selected. On the right of this bar is a button with 3 vertical dots. This button lets you apply actions to all the selected products. These actions include:

  • Assign to Category: Assign the selected products to a category
  • Add Custom Size Chart: Override the manufacturer’s size chart with your own file.
  • Taxable: Make products taxable.
  • Tax Exempt: Make products tax exempt.
  • Mark as Inactive: Set products as inactive. They will not be deleted, but will be unavailable for customers until they are re-activated.
  • Delete Product: Permanently remove products from the store.

Bulk editing options

Setting categories of an individual product: On the right side of each product is a drop-down menu under the ‘Category’ column where you can set the categories for the product.

Editing Product Options: Under the ‘Options’ column on the right of each product is a button with 3 vertical dots. This button allows you to edit the product in detail, make the product inactive, or delete the product. For more on the first option, ‘Edit Product’, read below.

Editing a single product

Editing Product Options

The button with 3 vertical dots on the right side of each product has the option ‘Edit Product’. Clicking this option brings up a page where you can configure many aspects of your product.

At the top of the editing page are 4 tabs. Each tab is discussed in it’s own article.

Product editing tabs