Editing Products – Advanced Tab


Per Order: The minimum number of this garment a customer can order. For instance: If set to ’10’ a customer could not order less than 10 garments.

Per Color/Style per Order: The minimum quantity of garments in a color/style that a customer can order. So, if this was set to ‘3’ then a customer could order 3 red garments, but not 2 red garments and a blue garment.

Minimums example

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Page Title: The page title to show up in search engine results for this product.

Page Description: The description of your product to show up in search engine results. Remember, search engines will only show a few lines at once.

Keywords: Keywords to help search engines find and index your site.

SEO options example

Tax Options

Tax Exempt: Sets the product as tax exempt or not.

Country of Origin: The country the product is produced in. You should be set to USA if we are printing your garments.

Harmonized System Code: If a code is available select it. Otherwise leave it blank.

Tax options example


Ignore this section.

Product GTIN/UPC

This is a globally unique number used to identify your products. It is populated automatically for you. You don’t have to edit these unless you have a reason to.