Editing Products – General Tab

Display Settings

Default Color: This sets the color option of garment first presented to your customers in the store.

Product Images: You can select what sides of the product to show in the store and re-order the sides with this option. To choose which sides to show in the store check the boxes at the bottom of the image. The sides with a check in the box will be used in your store. For instance you can check the box for the front of a shirt and uncheck the back side box of the shirt if you customers don’t need to see the back of the shirt in the store. To reorder the images just click and drag the image to the desired position.

Selecting product images


Status: Set the product as active or inactive. Inactive products don’t show for customers and can’t be ordered.

Product Name: The name of the product.

Product Description: Allows you to edit the product description.

Store Search Tags: These are the terms your customers might use to find your product in the store.

Manufacturer, Manufacturer SKU, and Supplier: These come from the garment’s supplier and can’t be edited.

Product SKU: A unique identifier for your product. You can edit it but it needs to remain unique.

Category: Set the categories that your product should show up in.

Details section example

Product Sizes

Available Sizes: Here you can set the availability of each garment size by each color option. For instance you could have blue available in all sizes but red only available up to large size. To remove a whole size from availability simply disable all the color options for that size. When a color option is checked for a size that garment is available in that size in that color.

Avaliable sizes example

Size Chart label: This is the title of the size chart tab on the product details page.

Size Chart Image/File: This is the image or file used for the size chart. PDF, PNG, or JPG only, please.

Size chart options example