Editing Products – Personalization Tab

Custom Personalization Fields

You can create up to 3 custom fields for your product. These fields allow you to gather further information from the customer in relation to the product. Perhaps you offer a feature that can’t be added by the product creator normally. These fields will allow you to add that feature. To create a new field, click the button ‘ADD CUSTOM FIELD’.

Add custom field example

Create Custom Personalization Field

Select Field Type: This is the type of field your customers can enter information into. You have two choices.

  • Entry Box: A text box your customer can type in.
  • Multiple Choice Dropdown: A drop-down list that your customers can select an option from.

Mark this field required to add to cart: Check this to make the custom field required when customers purchase the product. However, take note that making this required will not allow you to charge for the option.

Field Price: If the custom field isn’t required, you can enter a price here to charge customers for it.

Field Label: This is the title to your custom field. Enter something to let your customers know what the field is for.

Field Instructions: This is the area where you can talk about your custom field in detail and provide instructions to customers.

Custom field options example