Editing Products – Pricing and Styles Tab

Pricing Options

Base Pricing Method: Here you can choose between using a fixed price or a pricing rule. Normally you will want to go with the fixed price. If you go with a pricing rule you have to choose from what is available. Pricing rules are calculated from the garment supplier’s price. For instance a rule might be ‘50% Markup’ where the price is marked up to 150% of the suppliers price.

Price: Shown if ‘Fixed Price’ is chosen as the Base Pricing Method. This is the base price for the product before size overrides or extra charges.

Pricing Rule: Shown if ‘Pricing Rule’ is chosen as the Base Pricing Method. This lets you choose a pricing rule from the drop-down. If you don’t see a rule you like go with ‘Fixed Price’ for the Base Pricing Method.

Inventory: Your garments are printed on demand, so this should always be set on ‘Do not enforce inventory’.

Available for Quantity Discounts: Checking this makes the product eligible to receive discounts for multiples being ordered at once.

Pricing options example

Product Styles

The ‘EDIT DESIGN AND STYLES’ button to the right allows you to edit the available garment colors and artwork just like you do when you create a new product.

The table below ‘Product Styles’ list each of the products styles. For each product you can change the color name, set the availability of garment sizes for each style under ‘Active Sizes’, and edit the style in detail with the pencil icon.

Bulk Editing

You can bulk edit product styles by selecting the boxes right of the preview images for the styles you want to edit. After at least 1 style is selected there appears a pencil icon on the top left. Clicking on that pencil icon reveals a drop-down menu which options to edit the selected products. These options include:

  • Mark as Active: If the styles are inactive they will become active and show up for customers.
  • Mark as Inactive: If the styles are active they will become inactive and be hidden from customers.
  • Set Colorway: Allows you to select a colorway to be used on the selected styles. (only shown if colorways are available)
  • Override Supplier Cost: Override the garment price pulled from the supplier. Useful if you are using a pricing rule for the product.
  • Remove Supplier Cost Overrides: If supplier cost overrides were set up for the selected styles they will be removed.
  • Override Price: Override the price of the product on the selected styles.
  • Remove Price Overrides: If there are any price overrides on the selected styles they will be removed.
  • Sale Override Price: Override the fixed price of the product, but only within the time period between the start and end dates you provide. The sale can be limited to certain sizes and a different price associated with each size.
  • Remove Sale: If there are any sales set up on the selected products they will be deleted regardless of if they are in date or not.

Styles bulk actions example

Edit Product Style

Clicking on the pencil icon of a style allows you to edit the style in detail. You can edit the following information.

Style editing example

Status: Set the whole style as active or inactive. Inactive styles are not displayed to the customers.

Color Name: The name of the style. Usually it is the color of the shirt.

Minimum per Order: The minimum quantity of the garment with this style that the customer is able to order at once. For example: If the minimum is set to 10 the customers could not order under 10 garments in this style.

On Sale: Checking this box will allow you to create a sale for this style. A sale is a price override that is in effect between the start date and end date that you define. The sale can be applied to some or all of the available sizes with different prices for each size in the sale.

The table below ‘On Sale’ allows you to edit what sizes are available in this style and several parameters associated with each size.

Active: The box can be checked to make the size available to purchase or unchecked to disallow the size to be bought.

Out of Stock: Check to set the size as out of stock. Your shirts are printed on demand so you should ignore this field.

Manufacturer SKU: Use this as the unique SKU for this garment in this style in this size.

Supplier Cost: This is the garment supplier’s cost for this size of this garment. It can not be edited, but can be overridden in the next column.

Supplier Cost Override: Here you can override the supplier’s cost with your own. This is useful if you are using a pricing rule instead of fixed pricing.

Price Override: If you enter a price here it will override whatever price would otherwise be set for this size in this style.

Price: This is the price of the style after all pricing and overrides except for a sale. It is not editable directly, but can be changed by editing the pricing and overrides it is calculated from.

Sale Price: The sale price field will only show if there is an active sale on the style. Clicking in the field will allow you to edit the sale or remove the sale in that size.