Product Creator

Your store comes with a easy to use product creator. Here is a video guide:


Uploading Art

On the page’s top bar click the “Store Admin” button. From the store admin you can find the ‘Store Art’ button on the left side of the page. It’s the one that looks like a picture with two triangles. Within the ‘Store Art’ page just click the ‘UPLOAD ART’ button at the top right and choose to ‘Upload Print Files’. Your art can then be dragged and dropped in or added by browsing your computer for the files.

Artwork Example

Managing Art

Uploaded art be added to “Active Art” in the Store Art page. To manage the art once uploaded, you can open the menu by clicking on the 3 vertical dots to the bottom right of the artwork. The menu will have 2 or 3 options available according to the nature of the artwork:

  • Manage Colorways: This will only show for vector artwork. This option is explained below in detail.
  • Mark as Inactive: This will move the artwork to “Inactive Art” in the Store Art page. It can then not be used in products until it is reactivated.
  • Delete Art: This removes the artwork from the store.


Colorways can only be applied to 100% vectorized art. They allow you to create different color variants of your artwork. These variants can be assigned to different color options of a product, so that your artwork can look nice no matter what color of garment it is on. If you need help converting raster artwork to vector artwork this site can help:

Crating Colorways

After selecting the ‘Manage Colorways’ option described above, click on ‘CREATE NEW COLORWAY’. You will be shown a list of your artwork’s colors. To the right of each color is an option ‘SELECT COLOR’. Clicking on that option will bring up a color box that will allow you to select a new color. After setting new colors for the colors you want changed, click ‘SAVE COLORWAY’ to save your changes as a new Colorway; a new variation of your artwork.

Colorways editing example

When you are finished creating Colorways click ‘DONE’ on the top right of the page.


Creating New Pre-Decorated Products

Go to the ‘Store Admin’ section of your site, then select the ‘Store Products’ button on the far left of the page. It looks like a price tag.

Store Products button

To add a new product select the ‘CREATE NEW’ button on the top right of the page. This will open up a page with many garment options on the left and your active artwork on the right.

To help you find the garment you want, there are several tools available. The search bar allows you to find a garment by name or sku. You can click the Category button to limit the garments shown to a certain category. With the ‘Filter By’ button you can filter the garments shown by several ways. To undo searches, categories, and filters just click on the ‘x’ on the relevant option showing in the search bar. Lastly, you can sort the garment list several ways with the ‘Sort By:’ button.

Filters example

After selecting a garment to create you can select the colors to use and can place artwork on the garment. To add garment color options to the product click the ‘ADD COLOR’ button under ‘Selected Colors’. This will open up a drop-down menu with the colors available for the garment. You can check colors you want and uncheck ones you don’t.

You can add artwork to the garment by clicking on the desired image under ‘Active Store Art’. Choosing a new artwork will assign that art to all color options on the shirt. However, if the artwork has the option to ‘View Colorways’ you can click that and assign a colorway to the currently active garment color.

Product Styles 2

Under the garment preview image there is a drop-down you can use to change the area of the garment you are adding artwork to. (Example: front, back, or sleeve) Changing the area of the garment you are editing will not erase the work you have done so far. You can create garments with artwork in multiple places on the item.

After the artwork is chosen you can adjust it on the shirt by performing actions in the shirt preview. The area you have available for artwork is represented by a red box. You have to keep the artwork inside that red box, but are free to move the artwork anywhere you want inside of it by clicking and dragging the artwork. There are also some buttons placed around the artwork you’ll see when you hover over the garment in the preview. The button with the curving arrow will allow you to rotate the artwork by clicking and dragging the button. The button the diagonal arrow will allow you to adjust the size of the artwork, also by clicking and dragging the button. The trash can button will remove the artwork from the shirt.

When your garment has the desired color options and art click the ‘CREATE PRODUCT’ button. Your product isn’t done yet, though. You will be returned to the ‘Select a product’ page so that you can begin creating your next product. When you are done creating products click the ‘NEXT: PRODUCT DETAILS’ button to enter the next step of product creation: Entering the product details.

Product Details

After you create one or more garments and return to the ‘Select a product’ page you can continue on to edit the product details by clicking the ‘NEXT: PRODUCT DETAILS’ button. Here you can edit some basic product information.

  • Product Name: This is pre-populated with the original name. You can edit it however you like.
  • Default Color: Select which garment color is displayed first to your customers.
  • SKU: A unique identifier for your product. It is pre-populated and you probably will not have a reason to change it. You can if you want to.
  • Price: The price for your garment in the store. The button to the right of the field lets you modify the up charges for different sizes of the garment.
  • Edit: Lets you go back to editing the colors and artwork of the garment.
  • Delete: Deletes the product.

Product details example

When you are done with the details for all the new products, click ‘FINISH’ at the top right to add all the new products to your store.

Editing Products

There are more options that you can tweak on your products by editing the products.

Displaying Products in your Store

To display your new products in your store you use the Product List Component.