Request a Quote Component

Adding a ‘Request a Quote’ Form to your Store

The Request a Quote Component allows you to add a form to your store so that customers can request a quote from you. To add one, go to the style editor by selecting the button by that name on the top of the page. Once in the style editor, click on the blue button with a plus sign.

Add Component Button example

In the component menu that opens on the right side of the page, select whichever one of the two layouts under ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’ appeals to you. This adds the component to the page.

Adding a quote form example

Quote Form Settings

Once the component is added to the page the configuration menu is brought up to set up the form. These are the options:

  • Recipients Email Addresses: This is where the from goes after it is submitted. It is a requirement to have at least one email address that will receive the submitted forms.
  • Heading: This is the title of the form.
  • Subheading: This is an optional place for text underneath the title for a subtitle or subheading.
  • Form Fields: These are the fields your form can have. Everything that is not grayed out and locked can be added or removed from the form. Also, fields can be made required for form to be submitted. To have a field on the form check the box under ‘Active’ for the field. To require a field for form submission check the box under ‘Required Field’ for that field.
  • Success Message: This is text to display after the form has been successfully submitted.

Form fields example

When you are done configuring the form click the blue ‘ADD COMPONENT’ button at the bottom to add the component to the page.

Component Editing

After adding the component to the page you can edit the form and it’s component further by the options in the sidebar on the left side of the page. Your options are:

  • Layout: Here you can switch between the two layouts for this component.
  • Background Color and Primary Color: These settings affect the coloring of the component. The text color will automatically adjust to remain readable on whatever colors you choose.
  • Heading: This is the title/heading for the component, not the heading on the form itself.
  • Subheading: This text goes under the heading text on the component.
  • Button Text: This is the text for the button users click to access the form.
  • Text Position: The text alignment of the component. Left, center, or right align.

To modify the form again, click on the blue ‘MANAGE FORM’ text at the bottom of the sidebar. This will bring you back to the quote form settings.

When you’re done setting up the form and component save your work by clicking the ‘SAVE & PUBLISH’ button on the top right of the screen.

To edit the component again just hover over the component in the style editor and click the ‘EDIT’ button that appears in the top center of the component.