SEO Settings (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Settings

To get to the SEO settings click on ‘Store Admin’ at the top of your store’s page, click on the gear icon on the left sidebar, and finally click on ‘SEO Settings’.

SEO Settings Example

Meta Title

The meta title is a very brief definition of your site. Example: “John Doe’s Shirt Store” It will show up in search results as a blue link to your store.

Meta Description

The meta description is a short paragraph describing your store. In search results it shows up under the meta title. Anything beyond the first one or two sentences might get cut off in the search results.

Focus Key Words

The focus key word is the primary word or string of words you think people would use to search for a store like yours.

Keyword example

Don’t forget to click “SAVE & PUBLISH” at the top when you are done editing the settings.

Save and publish example

SEO Hints

SEO will not usually get you to the top search results quickly. It is best to set up your basic SEO early so you can begin to build up reputation in the search engines. Over time you may make changes to your SEO to better steer people to you site. It is a long process but it can get results.

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