Store Closed Messaging

When your store closes you can configure what message will be displayed for people who arrive at your store too late.

To get to the store closed messaging options first click on ‘Store Admin’ at the top of the page, then click on the gear icon in the left sidebar,and finally click on ‘Store Closed Page’.

Store closed messaging example

Editing the Messages

Title: The title is the main message displayed to your visitor.

Description: This is text underneath the title to explain things in more detail.

Display store closed/fundraiser graphic image: When checked, this option will display a summary of how the store did on the store closed screen. This is meant for fundraisers that end on a certain date with the store closing.

Display store contact info: when checked, this option will display the store’s contact information on the store closed screen.

Preview Page Button: This button will open a new tab that shows what the store closed messages will look like with the current settings.

Store closed preview example